Saving Iceland’s Wilderness [VIDEO]

Iceland is one of Europe’s last, pristine wilderness areas.

Whilst already on location in Iceland, filming for a short film, we offered our services to an Icelandic conservation group, the Hálendið Project. Their campaign advocates for the protection of the Central highland of Iceland.

We captured aerial footage of some of the area’s most beautiful landmarks and vast plains that reveal the astonishing and diverse beauty of this unearthly world.

Over billions of years, the landscape has evolved to create some of Iceland’s greatest natural treasures. Volcanoes, glaciers, powerful rivers, spectacular waterfalls, colourful hot springs, vast lava fields and expanses of black sand, along with pockets of vibrant, but vulnerable, vegetation are all uniquely adapted to the local conditions.

As it’s never been settled by humans, it’s eco-system is unlike anything else on the planet.

Now, this wilderness and eco-system is under threat from industry. Energy companies are lining up to build dams, hydro-electric power stations and to erect high-voltage pylons in this stunning area.

Past damming projects in Iceland have submerged and wiped-out vegetation; destroyed waterfalls that took millions of years to develop; and; they’ve eroded river beds and banks, devastating habitats.

And yet little of this benefits Iceland’s people. These actions suit the ambitions of industrial companies; mostly aluminium plants. Many are multinational and see Iceland as just a cheap energy resource to power their industry practices. In fact, industry is responsible for using up an astonishing 87% of Iceland’s electricity. Meaning that Iceland’s residential population are only using around 10% of the electricity generated on the island.

What took nature billions of years to create could be destroyed within decades.

We hope our short film and blog inspires you to spread the word and to sign the petition, to save this unique part of our planet.

  • Katty Demesmaeker
    Posted at 11:08h, 08 April

    Ik visited Ierland 1 time and was stunned by the beauty of it’s nature. There is no place like It. Icelandic people are unbelievably lucky. The last couple of years I heard of the threat It is under. We should all fight to safehold this treasure. Too often already man gave priority to money. We are on the verge of completely destroying our planet. LET’S GIVE A CLEAR SIGN AND STOP THIS !!!!!!